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Services are held each Sunday at 11:00 a.m.. Holy Day of obligation service is held at 7:00 p.m. Confessions are heard 10 minutes before each service as well as by appointment.

Church Staff

Monsignor William H Christ Jr.Bishop
William H Christ Jr.

Bishop William was born in Baltimore, raised Catholic and served as an acolyte. He was a Naval Vietnam Veteran, radio personality, graduated from Mount St. Mary’s and Eastern Illinois Universities. By the 1980’s, he worked as lead graphic artist for the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, which led to a successful career as an Art Teacher with the Baltimore City Public Schools. He is the author of Military fiction novels and Children’s literature. He’s continued as an independent Architectural Designer. In 2008, he was invited to become a deacon in the Old Catholic Church of North America because of his dedication to helping others. In 2010, he was ordained a priest, then elevated to Monsignor. Joining the New Catholic Church of North America in 2010, he was appointed Associate Pastor for St. Michael’s. He was consecrated to Bishop in 2014. He now presides as Pastor of this parish.

Monsignor Joseph B. Scott, Jr.Monsignor
Joseph B. Scott, Jr.
Associate Pastor

Monsignor Joe knew from an early age that he had a calling for the religious life. He was raised as a Methodist, attending the Sharp Street United Church. In 1965 at the age of 18, he became Catholic, going through re-baptism, first communion, confirmation, as well as his first confession, which was quite traumatic for him. Continuing on, he became a companion for an Episcopal priest, studying at their bible school. Joe helped start a religious community, the E.C.S.C., where he met Rev. Hal Barkley and Rev. Skip Koritzer. During this time, he had an interest working with different churches assisting them with their religious programs. He was introduced to the Old Catholic Church. With continued studies, he became a deacon, then priest. He did services at nursing homes for over 10 years. In 2012, he joined the N.C.C.N.A., being elevated to monsignor in January of 2017.

Bishop Edward YinglingBishop
Edward Yingling
Associate Pastor

Bishop Edward was born in South Baltimore, being raised in the Methodist Church. In 2001, he converted to a local Lutheran Church after the church had closed. He attended the University of Maryland, majoring in Business Administration, graduating in 2009. Feeling the call of the church, he attended the United Church’s Seminary, graduating in 2012. He was ordained into the Office of Word and Sacrament in 2013. He served as an Associate Pastor at one of the churches until being asked to become Bishop of the Maryland Synod. He served as Bishop of the church until the beginning of 2021, when their church council decided to close their doors completely due to the Covid-19 outbreak. In November of 2020, he concelebrated some interfaith services with St. Michael’s, beginning his involvement with them. He comes to us with an open mind, always ready to welcome and serve God’s people.

Gerard KellyDeacon
Jerry Kelly

Deacon Jerry was born in Baltimore, being raised Catholic by his very religious and loving mother. He attended parochial school at St. Michael’s Boys School on Wolfe and Lombard Streets. In 1957, the church became involved with the boy scouts which inspired him to join. In 1964, he was invited to join the camp staff at Broad Creek Memorial Scout Camp. Because of his devout involvement, he was asked to be sacristan for Father Ovendorf, a Catholic Chaplain to the district and to the summer camp. This gave him more interest with the church, along with the extended family history of Catholic clergy on his mother’s side. In 2011, a new parish church started in his neighborhood, the N.C.C.N.A., and the religious interest was rekindled. He was ordained deacon in 2012. Today he continues as deacon and sacristan for St. Michael’s, as well as their facilities director.

Vince KellyVince Kelly
Music Director

Vince has been involved with music in the church for over 50 years. During his childhood, he sang in the choir at his family’s parish of Holy Redeemer Chapel. When he learned how to start playing the organ, he would play some of the hymns for the services. At the age of 12, he was asked to be the full time organist and music director at the sister parish of St. Gerard’s Chapel. He continued there for 32 years until the chapel closed in 2002, being the longest organist that parish had in its 47 year history. Since then, he occasionally played at other churches before getting involved with St. Michael the Archangel Parish in 2012. Presently with being the church’s organist and music director, he helps maintain the church office as Ministry Assistant.

In Memoriam

Archbishop Joseph F StewardArchbishop
Joseph F Steward
Pastor Emeritus

Archbishop Joe was raised as a Roman Catholic. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Rhode Island. After serving stateside during the Vietnam era, he attended William and Mary College, earning a master’s degree in accounting and finance. Between 1970 and 2008, he became involved with the church as a lay minister. Invited in 2008 by the archbishop of the Old Catholic Church of North America, he was ordained a deacon. Six months later, ordained a priest. In 2009 he was made a monsignor. He received a Doctor of Divinity when he was appointed Chancellor that same year. In the spring of 2010, he was consecrated a bishop. Deciding to leave the Old Catholic Church, he founded the New Catholic Church of North America on June 1st, 2010. Archbishop Joe passed on October 4, 2021. His memory and dream will continue on through the NCCNA.