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141 Lavern Avenue
Lansdowne, Maryland 21227

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Services are held each Sunday at 11:00 a.m.. Holy Day of obligation service is held at 7:00 p.m. Confessions are heard 10 minutes before each service as well as by appointment.

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Church Building TimelineChurch Building

Fellowship Hall, Conference Rooms and OfficesFellowship Hall,
Conference Rooms
and Offices
Ordination of Deacons, October 2011Ordination of Deacons
October 2011
Christmas 2011Christmas 2011

Easter 2012Easter 2012

Christmas 2012Christmas 2012

Easter 2013Easter 2013

Easter Confirmation 2013Easter Confirmation
March 30, 2013
Mother's Day 2013Mother's Day 2013

Christmas Season 2013Christmas Season 2013

Easter 2014Easter 2014

Consecration 2014Consecration of Bishop
August 23, 2014
Christmas 2014Christmas 2014

Advent & Christmas Season 2019Advent & Christmas
Season 2019
Lent & Easter Season 2020Lent & Easter
Season 2020
Autumn Season 2020Autumn Season 2020

Tri-Consecration of Bishops November 7, 2020Tri-Consecration of
Bishops Nov 7, 2020
Christmas 2020Christmas 2020

Lent & Easter Season 2021Lent & Easter
Season 2021
Autumn Season 2021Autumn Season 2021

Christmas 2021Christmas 2021

Easter 2022Easter 2022